magic bullet vs nutribullet

Magic Bullet VS NutriBullet

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The term “bullet” has apparently become synonymous with blenders recently. Talk about a change in connotation. Anyway, after testing a bunch of blenders, seeing what they’re capable of, I figured I may as well pit the bullets against one another and see how they fare. Would the Magic Bullet pull out a magical victory or would the NutriBullet take it down with some serious nutrition?


                     Magic Bullet                                                        Nutri Bullet

You’re going to have to read on to find out.

Both bullets have a similar base, featuring high-torque power. However, the NutriBullet has 600 Watts of power compared to the inferior 250 offered by the Magic Bullet. It’s no secret who wins here.

Regardless of the blender you choose, you’re going to be enjoying your culinary creation in just moments. And since both of them feature the same construction, there isn’t too much that needs to be said here. You attach the cup to the blade, then to the bottom and push down.

The only thing that sets the Magic Bullet apart in this area is its 10-second promise. And it delivers.

Cleaning up the Magic Bullet is no problem. All of its components, save for the power base, are dishwasher safe. Similarly, the NutriBullet’s cups and lids can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Just make sure you don’t throw the base or blades in there.

The NutriBullet comes out to $119.94, as shipping is free. It comes with a lot of extras too, including a Natural Healing Foods Book, numerous cups, a pocket nutritionist to keep you honest, and a recipe book.

Unfortunately for those set on buying its magic cousin, the Magic Bullet retails for $99.99, plus an insane (considering the small size of the thing) $39.98 for shipping.

Both bullets don’t have much in way of variety. They’re more accessory oriented. The Magic Bullet, for example, comes with a bonus blender and juicer when you order. Also, there are numerous related products you can order from, like the Bullet Party Pack ($23.97 + s/h), which brings 6 self-blending mugs, and the Deluxe Upgrade Kit ($29.97 + s/h), which comes with extra cups, lids, and another blade.

Then, there’s NutriBullet. Like its rival, it offers a wide variety of accessories from powders and berries to additional cups, blades, and new formulas.

Both the NutriBullet and Magic Bullet bring two protection options: a 1-year and a 4-year warranty. The variety is good, as it’s nice to see blender companies cater to people who think differently, but compared to the 5- and 7-year warranties offered by Vitamix and Blendtec, this isn’t much.

Which Is Best
They’re both excellent value products, inexpensive and effective, but your purchase should come down to the messages. NutriBullet is selling a healthier lifestyle, an innovative one that extracts nutrients rather destroys them. The Magic Bullet is much more about speed and convenience, minus the life message. Given the choice, I would go with NutriBullet. It’s that much cheaper than its rival, has more power, and the goal behind it is much more admirable than “hey, go blend stuff!”

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  1. Barbara Bryan says:

    I purchased a nurtiBullet at Macy’s but the base of it says Magic bullet. What gives?

  2. pam says:

    Im thinking about buying the nutribullet. Target has the magic bullet for $49 & nutribullet for $99.Magic bullet comes with large & small cups, 4 drinking cups that also fit onto base, 2 shaker lids,2 storage lids & recipe book while nutribullit comes with one cup, recipe book. However im looking for healthier choice for less money. would you recommend the nutribullet?

    • Chris Jalil says:

      Yes, I highly recommend the Nutribullet. It may be more expensive at your local store, but online, the prices of these two hardly vary. Whichever way you look at it, the Nutribullet is the healthiest appliance.

  3. Jeff Helgeson says:

    Which is best?

    • Chris Jalil says:

      If you’re more interested in just blending foods, the cheaper Magic Bullet might suit you better. But for a little more money, you can have an appliance that’s very good for your health. If that’s important to you, then you should choose Nutribullet.

  4. TEM says:

    The Nutrabullet, as seen on TV, seems to have no pulp waste after blending; everything is reduced to a liquid which is good as we are told, the vitamins are in the skin. Does the Magic Bullet also reduce fruits and veggies to liquid?

    • Chris Jalil says:

      The Magic Bullet will leave more pulp than the Nutribullet, because it is a regular blender and not an extractor.

  5. TEM says:

    If they both work so well well as you say, then why would you recommend the 600 watt Nutrabullet over the 200 Watt Magic Bullet? Is the Nutra bullet than much faster?

    • Chris Jalil says:

      It’s not that one blender works faster than the other. The Nutribullet is just a healthier product for about the same price. It’s status as an extractor makes it the better choice in terms of your health and longevity.

  6. neeta says:

    Considering the cheapness do u think magic bullet would be a better choice?

    • Chris Jalil says:

      It’s all about what you prefer, really. If you’re more interested in the extraction technology, for just a few extra dollars, you can get a machine that’s more focused on sustaining health than just chopping foods.

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